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About Us

We are one of the pioneers and leading exporters in India for 2nd hand Re-usable ship machineries and spares procured from Asia’s largest ship breaking yard: ALANG

Our 8000 sq.Mtrs. Stockyard has almost all types of ship’s machineries and spares. We stock nuts & bolts to deck crane & main engines as this industry works on the hands of clock.

Our Services
  1. HELPING SHIP MANAGERS purchase spares and equipments in BULK for their particular vessel. This will surely make difference to the vessels operating under you. We give you parts and equipments on WEIGHT BASIS, which makes a very COST EFFECTIVE maintenance and a smart purchase indeed.

  2. We give you YOUR PARTS and equipments back. Should there be any of your sister vessel coming for SCRAP and you maybe interested in any specific item, let us know. Our team will manage removing: packing and ready for Re-export in intact condition.

  3. Buying a complete ENGINE is where a ship manager gets into CONFUSION. Transportation will be a big headache. You just need to do is, send us your requirements and we will dismantle the engine for easy and cheap transportation. A RE-ASSEMBLING chart will be sent to you, which will be prepared by our engineers at the time of opening the engine.

  4. SMART MANAGER. Be the smartest among your other managers. Send us details of your Main Engine and Auxiliary Engines. We will source and purchase a complete engine on your behalf and supply you ONLY Cylinder liners, cylinder Heads, Piston and other parts if required. The MONEY you pay is only for the parts, which you have PURCHASED on certain teams and conditions finalized.
Dismantling Procedure
The procedure of taking apart the ship is systematic and cost efficient:
  • Fire-fighting equipment is placed on board in readiness
  • Cargo/Bunker tanks are cleaned and scoured
  • Furniture and fixture are sold first
  • Navigation equipments are re-exported
  • Engine room machineries are removed for export
  • Auxiliary engine is removed with attachment for export
  • Main Engine generally is dismantled in such a way, that it can be re-assembled for use or the spares sold separately
  • Large pieces are cut and dismantled
  • Smaller plates are cut and are supplied to re-rolling industry
  • Segregation is done according to size & thickness
  • Cast Iron is sold separately
  • Brass, Copper and Aluminum are segregated
Sister Vessel’s Equipments Supply

We undertake the job of supply for any machineries and equipments you require for your sister vessel. If your vessel is sold in Alang market, we may need the name of vessel and the list of items required. Our technical people take very intensive care of your equipments at the time of removal and packing. Transportation is arranged according to advice.

Scope of work
Supply Contract

Your ship is our baby. We shall be glade to get into a supply contract with your company for those vessel coming to Indian Ports.

Engine Dismantling
Need Engine? Transportation Problem?

We have the solution.

Our team dismantles the engine you purchase. The engine dismantling is carried out in our yard equipped with all the required facilities. A RE-ASSEMBLING chart is prepared at the time of dismantling. This helps your people to erect back in intact position.

Award & Achievements
  1. Genius Statesman Award
    By I.I.E.M (International Institute Of Education & Management)

  2. Life Time Achievement Award
    For Outstanding Achievements in Chosen Field & Activity
    By NIC (National & International Compendium)

  3. Productivity Award & Annul Trophy – ‘97
    By IEDF (International Economic Development Forum)

  4. ISO 9001:2000 Certificate – Quality Management System
    By BVQI (Purchasing, Cleaning, Checking, Repairing & Sale of
    Second Hand Reusable Machineries & Spare parts of Ship)

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